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Design Suites merangardenvilla Merano
There are probably less places on earth where one finds so many positive aspects that can be a dream vacation in a relaxed atmosphere. This holiday should you keep away from the stresses of daily life and will let you enjoy the beauty of nature, surrounded by friendly and soft-hearted people. Exactly this ambience you will find in the merangardenvilla.

Merangardenvilla is a small, cozy and exclusive complex located in Merano/Maia Alta, right next to the world famous “Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle” . The slogan of the merangardenvilla is “relaxation in natural surroundings” and modern comfort.

Merangardenvilla, located above Merano embedded in a unique mountain setting, with an open view over the Adige Valley with its fruit and wine cultures.

The authentic and modern architecture is reduced to ist necessary elements, the villa is characterized by clear designing and colors.

The simple use of timeless white and black stands in contrast to its surrounding.

In order to offer you a peace, space and exclusivity , we only host a maximum number of 11 guests.

Look forward to a luxurious and harmonious atmosphere in our light-filled oasis of relaxation.

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